monoton / monokrom x szabadonbalaton

monoton / monokrom x szabadonbalaton

The collaboration of monoton / monokrom x szabadonbalaton deals with the installations in the basin of the lake and the lane around the shore, as well as the network of the lake and its water reservoirs through various mediums. One can see diverse pavement types that define what we can perceive from the landscape and what kind of experiences we get walking in the area. Habitats around waters provide a cool microclimate, a clear lake, refreshment, the wooded surroundings give us fresh air, tranquility, the built-in areas homes, summer houses, get-togethers, transportation and recreational opportunities. The landscape will be “Balaton-y”, homey, if we can find all these in one place, but the amount of these is what matters the most.

Balaton Soundmap

The theme for monoton / monokrom in 2021 is the visualization of the Balaton-basin’s structural forms, displaying it in a monochrome style and creating a notation reduction. This system enables them to convert the visual to auditory, reading a monochrome painting just like sheet music and thus turning it into drone music. The visual ratio to sonar sheet music projected into a picture is: 1 picture / 1 km / 10 minutes. The pictures are created by converting R:G:B color codes, where we determined the values of R:G:B using the basin-surface map of NÖSZTÉP (National Ecosystem Service-Mapping and Evaluation). Each color corresponds with an aggregate ecosystem type, thus showing which type is characteristic to which shoreline of the Balaton.

Balaton Web/Network Issue/Publication

The ecological x cultural multimedia projects of szabadonbalaton are focusing on the lake and the condition of the environment in the area. In 2021 the questions surrounding the lake’s nutrition were put in the limelight, pointing out the connection of the lake and its water reservoirs.

Fűzfői öböl / 01

Alsóörs / 02

Csopak / 03